Dear Rotary Club of Incline Village,


I just wanted to say “thank you” for the Angel At Your Door business grant. It has helped me and my family of four tremendously through these hard times.  I was born and raised in Incline Village and it comforts me to be a part of such a wonderful and caring community. Thank you for making a difference, I am for ever Grateful.

Thank you, Mylissa






We are so grateful to the Rotary Clubs of Incline Village and all the generous donors that have contributed to the “angel at your door grants.” In such uncertain times, it is certainly heart-warming and reassuring to know that our local community has our back! The grant money we received allowed us to continue our operation and maintain our staff. In such, the Rotary community positively affected many more lives than just our own. We are blessed to be part of the Incline Village community. Thank You!

 Cord & Andrea




Dear Rotary Club of Incline Village,


I just wanted to say “thank you” for the Angel At Your Door business grant.

It has helped me and my family of four tremendously through these hard times.

I was born and raised in Incline Village and it comforts me to be a part of such

A wonderful and caring community. Thank you for making a difference, I am for ever



Thank you,


My Story is as follows:


I also have a brick and mortar business in town.  My work has actually become more intense because of COVID-19 and its fallout.  I was aware of several businesses in my building that may be in need of support.  I contacted my landlord and explained the Angel at Your Door Program.  He said he had 3 potential businesses that were hurting and he would give them my name.  Within an hour (Thursday afternoon) they had contacted me and I explained the program.  All three immediately did applications.  On Sunday they each contacted me thanking me for the opportunity and saying they had been in contact with a mentor and all was good.  They each wanted to know more about Rotary and how they could possibly help in the Community (some physical job or gesture).  On Monday each were reviewed and approved for the amounts they needed.  That evening I received a call from the landlord, thanking us for what we have done.  He had also reduced their rent by 50% for April and May.  He said he was so impressed by the mission, efficiency, and apolitical nature of this program, he made a donation to the Rotary Foundation for Angel Business Grants.  Then he said ‘Maybe I should join Rotary.


I was speaking to my personal Insurance Agent here in town, about a consult on a regulation question for my business, and I learned he owns a couple of Commercial Buildings.  He has 3 tenants who are struggling because of mandatory closure and he has given rent relief.  He gave website to them. One tenant has applied already.





Thank you!

I just wanted to say Thank you so much for the check. I just received today. It’s very helpful for my business and myself at this Pandemic. I appreciate it.


Best Regards





Hi Bruce,


I sent you a thank you by mail today. I can never say enough how grateful my staff and I are for your generous support.






I would like to thank Rotary and the Duffields for the Angel's Business Grant to support both Big Water Grille and Gus' Open Pit Barbecue.  The money will help greatly in keeping the businesses alive during this time of being closed and not having any revenue.  I hope and pray that this difficult time will end soon and we can get back to work doing the thing we love as restaurant people.  This is an amazing program for our great community.


I hope to see everyone soon for a glass of wine.







I picked up my check on Saturday. I woke up Sunday morning for the first time in a couple of weeks that I actually slept through the night. Sunday was the first day I wasn't exhausted from anxiety. I am so grateful that I am able to put together a game plan for my business and pay some bills that I would not have otherwise been able to pay. I do not know to whom I am in debt to, so when I went to the store for food, I smiled at everyone I saw and thought, "that may have been someone  who donated in order to help me out." As I sit here and write this, I am crying. Crying with relief. Crying with new faith. Crying with gratefulness. I applied for a PPP/SBA loan and have not heard anything except the same blanket email every other day saying it is still being processed. I don't think I will be approved because I don't have payroll employees. Everyone I employ is an independent contractor. As a sole proprietor, I am not eligible for unemployment. I have not seen the government relief check and there is not information available on the IRS website. I saved for a slow winter as my business is always slower in the winter. That savings was meant to supplement a lower income and was not near enough to cover over a month without any jobs. Today I have a renewed faith in humanity and those who call Incline Village home. I can't say Thank You enough.




Thank You Scott




Dear Rich and Mr. MacDonald,


I am so grateful for the $1,000. grant I received from the Rotary Foundation and the Duffield Foundation and I would especially like to thank Scott Macdonald and Rich Rubsamen for graciously facilitating the process.  I am now encouraged my business can survive

and I am hopeful I may be allowed to restart my business in June. I am thankful for this grant to pay May rent, purchase needed supplies and begin preparations to return to serving my community. I love my clients and this community and feel deeply humbled by the generosity and support I have received through this very difficult time.


Thank you with Much Love and Appreciation;

Nicholaus Paul




Dear Dave and Cheryl Duffield,


Thank you so much for the many generous things you do for our community. It is truly wonderful! As a small business owner the $1000 grant will help me out so much!


I am so happy and proud to have made Incline Village my home for 33 years.

Once again, Many thanks






Dear Rich and Mr. McDonald,


I want to thank you, the Rotary Foundation and the Duffield Foundation for your generous grant of $2,700.


I am happy to report my landlord has agreed to reduce my May rent for my business.  I am also encouraged my business can survive until June thanks to the grant.

Hopefully, I may be allowed to restart my business in June.


Thank you very much,







To: Neil Riemer and all the members of the Rotary Club of Incline Village,


As an Incline Village local and a small business owner, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your generosity during this difficult time.  The shutdown has completely taken away any form of income for our small consignment shop.  Your grant in the amount of a month's rent toward our lease has allowed me to hold down the fort, so to speak and wait out the storm.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all the kind work you do for our community.  My family and I are so grateful.









Agradecimiento a Rotary club y Duffield foundation.

Abel Mondragon.

Lea doy las gracias por haberme ayudado a pagar mi renta, aceguranza de mi negocio, con su ayuda eh sobrevivido otro mes, mil gracias.

Att: Abel Mondragon”





Hi Cynthia,  Hope you and your family are well! Stay safe and healthy.  I have a question you about reapply for the funds again? I haven’t been lucky with PPP loans and EDIL grants yet. I am getting so worried. I keep borrowing my credit to pay the bill but my big worrying is this month coming if I don’t get anything from Government I can’t pay my rent for both places. Please give me your advice. Thank you!   “


Then, 2 hours later:


“Hi Cynthia, I just received the news from the  governor that allowed salons reopened on Saturday5/ 9 so I take back my message from earlier. Please let me know if you guys want me to donate some gift cards and I am so happy to do that . Stay safe and healthy




Good Morning Mike -

WOW! Not sure what to say! Thank you so much! I am so appreciative of this! Again I cannot thank you and the group enough!






This Restores my faith in having my business continue here in Tahoe!!!

I can’t even tell you how much this helps and how it gives me hope!!! so much gratitude ,so much gratitude ,I needed this, it really really makes a difference♥️♥️♥️

Thank you !!






To you, the Rotary Foundation of Incline Village & the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation,


A heartfelt thank you from my husband and I for your generous grant to help my floral business during this difficult time. It is immensely appreciated and takes weight off our shoulders to be able to repay these debts. You’ve given us the opportunity to continue moving forward.








I just wanted to express my gratitude to The Rotary Angel Business Grant Fund & the Duffield Foundation for the generous grant given to my speech pathology business.  During difficult times, speech therapy services are one of the first things people cut from their budget.  This grant was a true gift. It has enabled me to continue to keep my office space during this unforeseen hardship.


Thank you again for providing such a wonderful program.








Dear Rotary Foundation and Angel At Your Door,


On behalf of Fredrick’s Bistro, all of us here wanted to thank you for your generous grant of $6,000 to our restaurant.  With your assistance, we were able to pay off our vendors, repair our refrigerator and pay a portion of our payroll. Fredrick’s has been a local establishment here in Incline Village for over twelve years. With your help continue to serve our community with hot, delicious and safe food



Thank you again for your support of Fredrick’s Fusion Bistro and our staff





Good afternoon Allison,


I am still in awe about receiving funds from the Angel Grant.  I deposited my check on Friday, and I have found it amazing how my spirits have been lifted.  Not just mine, but others are thanking ME for letting them know about your program.  They too have received help. (Another Massage Therapist, Hair Stylist and an Esthetician).


We are the little guys, unable to receive funds through Unemployment Insurance, as they still  have not figured out how to program for self-employed people such as us.  Your grant has helped to fill that gap.  Thank you.


It warms my heart to think of Linda Offerdahl's vision, and of those who helped along the way to make the Angel Grant possible.  I do not know who all to thank except Linda, the Rotary, the Duffield's and you.






With Gratitude,





Incline Rotary Clubs,


I am writing this note, to thank all parties concerned for the generous grant, gifted to my business, Village Pub.


The Pub has been in operation for 36 years and is a family owned and operated business, where two of my my children and I work full time.


The money granted to us will be very helpful, as we were unable to obtain the Payroll Protection Program stimulus loan.


It is very gratifying, money set aside, to see that long term residents are held in high esteem by your organization.


Your representative, Richard Rubsamen, was very helpful and is genuinely concerned about us and our community.


This was a seamless and rewarding experience and we thank you.



Steven Webber and the Pub Family


Reply –


As I mentioned the funds we were able to disperse came from three sources:


1- donations by Incline Rotarians


2- donations by philanthropic Incline community members


3- the majority of the funds came from the Dave and Cheryl Duffield Foundation.


We’re very pleased the money will provide a needed benefit to you and yours.


All my best






Dear Angel At Your Door sponsor,

My family and I want to thank you for your generosity! We appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts. The grant has been a great blessing to our small business. We have had the business for about ten years and we have never received such help, so we thank you endlessly for that. The grant will be used to cover our expenses such as rent and bills. We would specially like to thank the Rotary of Tahoe-Incline and the Duffield Foundation for making the grant possible! Once again we thank you so much!


Thank You,

Boneteria Sammy Owners



“May 15. 2020

I would like to send my heartfelt thanks and gratitude the Rotary Foundation of Incline Village and the Duffield Foundation for their generous grant from  the Rotary Angel Business Grant Fund. In these difficult and unprecedented times it is amazing that we have such generous people in our community as  the Duffield family and the members of the Rotary Club. This grant helps me stay afloat as we try to navigate how businesses will deal with the continuing pandemic and its potential aftermath as well. We are all in this together, yet each and every one of us have a different story and needs. I am grateful for  this monetary support at this difficult time, and hope I can pay it forward someday, when I  have overcome my current difficulties.

Once again, thank you all for your support,

image009.jpg     image010.jpg image011.jpg image012.jpg

Geoff McGilvray

Blue Skies Painting



“Dear Rotary of Tahoe-Incline and Duffield Foundation.

I am so very grateful to have received  the check from this foundation to help my business, and take the pressure off of paying rent and bills during this time of uncertainty. It helped tremendously and I thank all, including Harlan Rodriguez who guided me through the process. It does take a village and the villagers who put it all together. Thank you from Hair Care by Maddie. “













May 14, 2020


Dear Rotary Foundation of Incline Village, Rotary Donors and the Duffield Foundation,


Thank you so very much!  Yesterday I received a check from the Rotary Angel Business Grant Fund.   It was hand delivered with a smile and very kind words. My business has been totally closed and without income for the past two months.  This grant is a very welcome boost at exactly the right time. Beyond my normal business costs, I am in process of meeting regulation and guideline requirements for reopening when it’s safe to do so.  This is adding quite a cost to my business.  So…thank you for assisting my business, my ease in reopening and my mental health.


I often think about the thoughtful and important ways that Rotary contributes to the Incline community, the Incline businesses and to the world.  I appreciate all that you do.


I also want to thank the private donors who help to make Incline Village what it is by contributing to the businesses, the schools and the school programs, the hospital, the beautification and so much more.


Thank you all for making this community a unique and wonderful place to work and live.





Denne Babbin-Simon

San Soma Massage Therapy

230 Village Blvd. Suite 1

Incline Village, NV 89451











To refer people who need help with basic living expenses, send a request with name, contact info and the need to Please refer to the "Geno Angel Fund" in the subject line.